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tv   FOX 8 Saturday Morning News  FOX  January 16, 2016 8:00am-10:00am EST

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thank you for watching us this morning order online. connecticut and from all over the world's. >> big mac good morning thank you for joining us were going to send over to jenn harcher who is
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>> thank you . i'm glad to be with you this morning . you're going to want to have some hot beverage it is cold out there, has dropped from the upper 40s last nightht to the current low 30 s, currently 32 degrees and cloudyre . just a few flurries, the temperatures will continue to fall through the day,, about 30 degrees noontime, and then early afternoon, upper 20s, and thens stay there for the next system arrives, currently 32 degrees . the lands are testing up to 25
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come together to remember some together in front of the burnt out house burned-out house for a family of four died and explosion in the explosion and fire monday as kevin freeman was w there as they honor the victims hundreds of people gather on skyhaven road in northfield center friday night to remember a family of four killed inin a fire and explosion monday evening, are the family with a growing memorial in front of their house , they also gathered, for the tribute across the street to watch as. >> state fire marshall has ruled the fire was arson, summit county medical examiner
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murder suicide . family friends fr and neighbors say that none of that matters on this night, they want to remember a family they say he touched many lives back a.
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>> several homes catch fire early friday now they try to figure out why is that right spoke with juan who made a dramatic escape. >> cell phone video captures flames moving toward the rich family home leaving little time to actme. >> skyfox was over the same as crews battle the fire turned through the cuyahoga falls neighborhood . with ash falling from the sky they are in fear a that their homes in the next. >> or five houses down you see thisis red snowflakes it was really odd looking. >> trying to get my daughter out andnd when we got out it was just horrific flames everywhere and.
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at a new construction than sprinting star, firefighters keeping a close eye on propane tanks toto it is unusual to have houses under construction like that to go up in this fashion. >> fire chief paul moledor says it is under investigation with woodframe fueling the fire. >> it happens, the wood timbers helping to spread nicely for a very quick fire spread. >> the newly finished home was damaged, there is was alsoso charged but it was small comfort when the firefighter found the family can't. >> with nobody injured there grateful that it was not worse. >> matt wright fox 8 news. >> the home of the fire started isis so new that electricity was just installed on thursday they
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if that played a role . but a soldier from akron who died in 1951 afield as a prisoner of war in korea and.p >> jack shea explains how the remains were returned to his hometown in the us are army honor guard pays tribute to private first class david burke of akron,n, city five years after he was killed in koreaaf serving his country's. >> . a graduate of akron high school list of the in the army during the korean war military says november 1950 he and members of his unit were taken prisoner by the chinese along the border. >> three or later, pows were
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started out in the spring of 1951 remembering the life and sacrifice. >> north korea refused to turn over his remains remains that weighed heavily on his mother before she died invon after so many years, the family gave up hope that his remains will be returned in 1990 the north korean government agreed to turn over the remains of 600 serviceman, they began the process of identifying each one., >> last week is family notified that the army confirmed his identity through dental records and dna. >> on ears that is taken for them to find closure is just bittersweet. >> they took time to bring his
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that we can have closure. >> even though it has taken it's taken more than half a century his service and sacrifice continued to be a source of pridend in his and his name lives on. >> north moreland middle name was named after my uncle david i never knew what that meant fully until today i did not know what an honor it would be to carry that name . >> jack shea fox 8 news. david burke will be laid to rest monday at the national cemetary
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animal sanctuary later on. good morning, i'm jenn harcher, hope that your saturday is off to a great start,, step this morning and it's going to feel colder than yesterday . they will be dropping over the next 48 hours into monday and tuesday . tomorrow, about 20 degrees in the afternoon . we have some snowfall forecast . by snow showers today, we could see a
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>> speech change the arctic air will continue to play chopin, clever while drive the arctic front through the area t dropping our temperatures . today, just a bit , bit, and in time, about 30 degrees that upper 20s about 4:00 o'clock and then stay steady through the evening . you factor in the strong winds gusting to about 25 it feels currently . looking at radar, not a lot going on, is some lake
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winds out of the west we towardsof mentor and sherman, just a few light snow flurries perhaps he coded on the ground . see some lake enhancement future-cast, in the morning, in the afternoon, not much to some not everybody will see the snowfall today, it will be cloudy and cold, according to the forecast 1 inch or wanted to
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snowbelt, today, at 33 degrees . snowfall totals tomorrow, with falling temperatures will be in the teens by evening, the general general one to 3 inches in lake effect monday and tuesday . everybody will be called with in wednesday another clipper system . newly discovered dinosaur now displayed at the american museum of natural history is so big, it tops the model of the blue whale by at least 30 feet is discovered in patagonia desert
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them two years to unearth it, a they say that it is a giant herbivore, part of the lizardlike group and likely walking the earth 100 million years ago . unfinished blue shoe is drawing crowds to taiwan the giant blue building shaped like a high-heeled shoe is a church, and is still under construction but that does not stop people from visiting . the design is to honor the victims of the diseaset that affects the blood supply to the lower limbs,he they wanted to honor that women who had taken vacations because of the disease .c north carolina boy is not well little mountain drive but he got behind the wheel to save other student. >> lumberton north carolina gave
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special honor, would beold bus driver fell unconscious, they do not realize what was happening until the car hit the buswh, that is when he brought the best of the stop. the bus driver is doing fine, the leos was injured. >> who hog the bathroom in the morning ? according to a new study is men, researchers found for 1 percent of men spend between 31 and 45 minutes compared to 31 percent of women, also found that 71 percent of men spend more time printing compared to 63 percent of women,
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bathroom for more than an hour compared to just 2 percent of
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welcome back happy trails sanctuary does great work with the animals think this year the nonprofit has a number ofye success stories this morning that brag introduces us to some of some of some of some of some of
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some of some of some of some of some of some of some of some of some of some tell us about some of the things that you do? >> love to introduce you to him, he came from cleveland, he was found in the city he had been attacked by dogs . during his attack his ears were ripped off and his back leg was completely shredded . his leg was amputated , we took them to ohio state for the amputation, he is with us in recovery he is a great example of the animals who come through happy trails from abuse, neglect of, neglect and then when they come from police departments and once the case is over they are up for adoption
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>> burnet was when of animals who came through happy trails his story had a great ending he was adopted by a wonderful family. >> it is a great program, what led you to become involved with rescuing these abused animals. >> ohio has rescue crews for dogs and cats mainly in the farm animals fall through the cracks so humane societies and law enforcement would findma perhaps they starved horse or one attacked by something or some type of abuse, there is no resources the recourse to take them what to rehabilitate them, we wanted to put together an organization to addressnt farm animals specifically in ohio and we also want to help to prosecute to make people ma
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neglect that happens .ma our goal is to increase awareness provide a service and to get everybody on the scene page . there are lots of stories like these on our website at happy trails form .org . lots of stories you can read about . they were strong volunteer base we also have staff members, e kelly, is when of our interns, she is a student intern and what of the caregivers .is also, sean is one of the marketing folks who reaches out for donations . we operatewe pretty much on all donations .ty happy trails farm
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they take you to the volunteers and thank you annette brag. >> thank you . we invite everybody toto come visit us, we have the tour season coming up
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it is windy and cloudy out there, and some changes are coming . at least it is dry for the most part,a do not see too many traffic issues with this morning 's. >> today, monday the might be the day to remove our christmas decorations. d >> check-in with jenn harcher
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>> good morning, it is windy . this is a lockout, he could feel the wind blowing . there is is not a amount of lot of snowfall on the ground that is going to change, started to get a few flurries on the lake shore, to the sun light showers that will continue today, not expecting much accumulationay, at most a dusting on the ground, most of us will see nothing just a few passing flurries . lake effect snowfall out east, by noontime, it will be cooler, 30 degrees, . the winds are out to the west
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tomorrow, snowfall for everybody , a coating of of coding of two one-inch it will be called and have more lake effect snow fall with a snow watch from sunday into tuesday morning forow snowbound, henry county, ray county, and summit county, i think the wind direction is favorable to see
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that is still a ways away any time to talk about how cold it will be this weekend and with the snowfall starts tomorrow for most of us.wi >> warning to watch out for coyotes after ato dog was taken when just a few feet from his owner is suzanne stratfordn has the story's been a got him when he was 16, het was my belly and has been looking for 10 years and helped me through a lot of hard times back what would happen, meg said difficult, as last week her her husband took romeo outside of their macedonia home when a coyote came out of nowhere and came up to the back patio. >> immediately be coyote grabbed the coyote grabbed him and my
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>> then tomorrow then showed up, threatening her husbandow. >> romeo is gone and now her warning two others. >> whether you see them or not, they are there and not afraid to come close to you.. >> hannity sightings have increased in recent days, dr. terry robinson, director of natural resources for metropark says that is because we are approaching coaching vacancies in.. >> that remark is mating season and it can be a lot more productive. >> metroparks warning people to be careful and make them feel threatened and they protect their home in their mates are very good parents. >> he says no and they avoid humans but if you see one.
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like to chase things and that is what they will do if you run. >> patiently, what happened is rare p and important to report because of aggressive coyotes are not normal and need to be dealt with before they encounter other unsuspecting pets. >> he is greatly missed by our family' >> suzanne stratford fox 8 news. >> keep your pets pants on a leash andnd be extra cautious after dark and never feed wild animals or leave it outside near your home, for info fox >> images from security cameras may identify the people th responsible for throwing rocks onto a highway damaging at least five vehicles, reports came from drivers on state state route 30 near the hurson avenue exitre , they say that to begin them
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nearby school were in the area at the time that the rocks were thrown, it appears that they were under the bridge the same me time that a track intricacy at. >> to believe that these two individuals weren't underneath a bridge and possibly through debris under the bridge onto the roadway or add vehicles were down causing damage to the. >> anybody's information should
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. >> it is a it's a new year, and try a new hobby, cooking. >> with the young chefs academy, something that kids of all ages cana take part in and something
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joining us this morning's. >> thanks for having us it is exciting. >> love to see kids in the kitchen cooking for mom and dad. >> what is the premise of the young chefs academy client to get kids involved in cooking it is hands-on, they enjoy it it encourages adventurous eating and try more things than they normally do. >> he says that she has been with you since this she was three. >> we have programs that start at three and as old as 16 these two have graduated to the senior class, where their master jacket
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involved with cooking and they make the commitment to learn about cookingg, and they earn those jackets. >> right to make an omelette today,, going to use some peppers , onions and saute lightly . add some pepper, and eggs . this is a typical recipe into this week we are making chicken parmesan, apple chris is will. >> remake things from jambalaya to apple pie . what's your
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broccoli or ally to make apple cider chicken . we have some wonderful recipes, they get all these recipes that they take home and to try outse. go ahead and crack some eggs for us . >> they're not learning cooking skills they also learn about healthy eating. >> about attrition and we go into in depth topics .. >> it is a great skill for later in lifell. >> how did you know that she wanted you wanted to get into cookingk ? >> when i was little my sister would make me scrambled eggs and i would always try to do it, she
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usually end up on the floor. you have a number of locations . we are in mentor and strongsville and solon . the classes are mostly nights and weekends in the summer we have our camps . we make them die different recipes it is lots of fun. >> of this large classes can't large classes, they get a lot of
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we talk about safety and they are more adept than you think just give them the chance. >> young chefs academy has a number of locations, to find what in your funding your neighborhood go to fox thank you for sharing your talents. >> went to send it over to jenn harcher for the forecast. this morning, as you step
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lastr 24 hours . at the time about 3 degrees and then the upper 20s and remain steady until the next system, we are about a decrease colder than yesterday . don't expect us to fall into the single digits during the day but nototi out of the the question when i peer o the window anywhere between 15 and 20 sustained, with the west wind move it over the warmer lake so we will see some lake enhancement from
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pike and over to chardon . you can see by the afternoon the enhancement winds down and bent on about snowfall during the afternoon . also less will be cloudy and cold . on sunday, started off cloudy the clipper moves in with the cold front in some lake effect, it'll be a quick moving system both of us from a coding up to 1 inch in the snowbelt, one -- 3 inches, about 7:00 o'clock
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the lake effect snow watch sunday afternoon into tuesday, we could see upwards of 8 inches through tuesday morning . today 33 degrees tonight the windchill into the teens with temperature in the low 20s . find temperatures again on sunday . many of us will be off monday for mlk day . no system brings more snowfall, lake
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wednesday . and more lake effect on thursday . will be back to the 30s with partly cloudy skies . fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. said official in rhode island an rhode island is on a job after a bizarre stunt involving dressing a middle-age man to look like an elderly woman the senior or services director and cranston rhode island recently held a press conference to promote a program called snow angels .t er encourages teenagers to shovel snow fall for elderly people, but there, cannot run that many senior citizensot so a van driver for the senior center dressed up essay elderly woman complete
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cranston senior home resident. >> usually drives the senior citizens into this and in so long, so he asked yes for a way to borrow this i have to get dressed as a senior citizen's. >> is in you sell sob story what you think? >> i said, oh my god, he wanted it for that, i probably would have given him a better wig. >> yes it cost her the job of the city says that she resigned, she has refused comment . >> routine target trip inspired a facebook posting thanks to a cashier's kindness, they will will have a waiting several minutes with her children when she realized that any elder woman wasw in and change instead of becoming impatient, she knows the cashier counter count each coin, that's when her youngest daughter asked to help andhe she realized that the cashier was helped more than held more than
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i told her, i treat everybody ry with respect and i get it back each time. >> i thought that the strangers teaching something that i can never teacher to this post is the shared 50,000 times and target plans to reward the cashier who he is patience and kindness
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david moss at download a few members of the security team story was told in 13 hours. >> the tutorial happened at the the us embassy in libya comes two life in michael bay's 13 hours the real life of surviving heroes who worked on sat to make sure that the story staterooms. >> a lot of it was therapeutic . you talk about it, it is
8:42 am
working the same spot during those 13 hours there's a lot of things that they did that i do not know about your. corrector michael bay known for transformersrs and other action movies wanted to get this went right into the soldiers approved .o >> it was an experience, something i never thought that i would do., >> it was awesome to watch them work,, he does care, he cares about the story he you want to honor the troops, not only us
8:43 am
down the down the actors and builds a backup build them back up like a drill sergeant and i love watching that. >> we are a family, refined, we we find, we argued with each other, if i see someone else do that then we will have words . we are family and that is how we will always be. >> the soldiers of benghazi,
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want to think the young chefs academy for coming in, how are the omelettes ? c they smell great
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investigators try to figure
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killed the explosion that killed a local family, loved ones and family caleb. >> firer begins in a freshly freshly built house then stretched it neighboring houses,e e the family narrowly escapes. >> the cavaliers, are they coming home on a high note? >> highlights from san antonio's . >> will let you know just how much snowfall you're going to getho and how cold it's going to be coming up,ld fox 8 news in the >> happy saturday morning to you , it is bright enough. >> if you have a day to do things outdoors today is
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>> welcome back. >> thank you for waking up with us, jenn harcher, t is filling in for a.j. colby to be. >> good morning, would not get rid of your winter gear just yet .w yesterday near 50 degrees, a 48 today, we will be about 20 degrees colder today . currently 32 degrees with lake effect snowfall out east, most of us will receive a few passing flourish from time to time otherwise cloudy and cold with temperatureses tumbling into the upper 20s at 3:00 p.m. currently 32 degrees, these
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colder . through tuesday morning , with some accumulations
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expect they would bow out of the north to be providing the killing to stop . >> come together to come to grips with the tragedy of. >> together last night in front of the burned-out home where a family of four died in the explosion and fire monday, kevin freeman has set. >> hundreds gather on skyhaven road and northfield center friday to remember a family of four killed in explosion and fire monday evening honoring them with a growingng war in front of their home, they also gathered in a neighbor's driveway across the street to watch a tribute to thea a mather
8:50 am
their two daughters . state fire marshall has ruled the fire was intentionally set . the summit county medical examiner is a murder suicide .e but they say that does not matter, they want that touched many lives . around 830, the crowd gathered for a moment of reflection in front of thei charred house to walk around the neighborhood in solemn remembrance.ha walking with them, the family dog, who escaped the fire when a neighbor brought down the door in an attempt to rescue the
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it is really sad, that it was someone that we we knew, our neighbors. >> kevin freeman fox 8 news. the north ridgeville, amherst high school basco game last night for 9-year-old drew hayden killedani in a sledding accident, . the two teams honored the boy with a moments silence, the district teamed up to collect donations to help the family in the time a time of need although the accident happened on tuesday ,, he died yesterday. >> the family released a
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investigation is not complete publicly say there will likely be no charges against the driver . py >> stark county residents rally behind the department after the he death of k-9 officer jethro . the canton police wives association held a fundraiser, entre e . kelontre barefield pled not guilty facing charges including close assault, they want the police to know that they appreciate p their dangerous job. >> it is very sad for everybody.
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mind, and he did his job . he said that officer's life. >> the case is still under investigation, he is due back in court next week on 26-year-old spearman edwards found guilty of threatening to blow up the stow-munroe falls high school essay that he became violent toward his girlfriend last year that led two him calling the school to see if there was a bomb that would explode in the building he will be sentenced in february twot serve cuyahoga falls homes destroyed in an early morning firem. >> investigators are trying to figure out the start of it, as matt wright spent said today in tribe falls and spoke with a family who made a dramatic escape. y >> here think are going to wake
8:54 am
that happened in. >> cellphone video cell phone video captures the towering flames moving toward the homemelp leaving little time to add. >> you describe here shoes and coats and run out running. >> skyfox was over the same as scene as crews battled the fire t through this neighborhood. >> with ash falling they feared their homes with the next.. >> for five houses down you can see see the red red snowflakes it was odd looking looking. out and meet some of these terrific flames everywhere and. >> to say that it started at a new construction and spread to a new build next door ti, they kept a close eye on propane tanks. >> it is an unusual anomaly to have houses under construction >> fire chief paul moledor says that exposed wood framing phil the fire.
8:55 am
the wood timbers set up for a very quick fire spread. >> their home was damaged, but that was small comfort when the firefighter found their family cat. >> with no injuries they are grateful that it was not worse than we got our cat back and everybody is safe so that's all that matters. >> matt wright fox 8 news. >> the home of the where the fire started is so newhe that the electric was installed on thursday the fire was on friday they say it's too soon if the installation played a role in the fire and. >> walmart announcing in his closing 154 stores in the us along withs 100 more abroad including the store on rockside road in bedford they reviewed stores performance at 11,000 of
8:56 am
represents 1 percent of the global revenues, the writ debenture walmart store closing
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good morning, a venture which it is off to a great start . grab that cup of coffee are going to be there to warm up because our temperatures are dropping . will do so throughout the entire weekend,wi although down to the low teensk by monday morning . today, of authority . this week is looking cold, scatter light snowfall today . a general one -- religious snowfall on sunday with the clipper and then lake effect
8:58 am
secondary snow beltd . the temperatures, not dodging much, we'll be will be into the upper 20s through the evening . about 10 degrees below yesterday, and there's still some more cold air with 20s in milwaukee and chicago and about 10 degreesic des moines, iowa so expecting single digits monday and tuesday morning .. the wind out of the last between 10 and 20 sustained .. you get that lake enhancement that's whatth we've got all on the 271 quarter cup
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hit, there's snow showers . absent more widespread, not much accumulation a few streamers near ashtabula and then some overnight that but tomorrow a cold front bringing snowfall for also lake effect snow for starting monday . the snowfall forecast through sunday evening, one -- 3 inches in geauga and ashtabula county . coming up how much we expect on monday and tuesday with lake effect . tonight 23 chance of snow
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-- three expected with snowfall continuing evening and overnight with temperatures dropping into the teens . will be at 9 degrees starting monday morning . i think the primary secondary snow belt will get that, the kids, the kids will already have the day off . so they say could build a snowman or do some sledding . speaking of outdoor activities, today is the day, so why not celebrate snow? chardon, they've got the
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two until 7:00 p.m. with ice sculptures,s, clydesdale rides etc.. in the news today rescuers looking foror possible survivors survivors of the crash involving two military helicopters,s they're calling in for reinforcements to help find anything from the collision, theyen crashed into each other off the hawaii hawaiian coast during a nighttime training mission thursday . they are from the marine corps base in hawaii, several people reported hearing >> actor sean penn talk about chapo guzman and how it was a meeting was designed to start a
9:02 am
drugswto, the article was published in rolling stone last weekend, then soon after the drug kingpin was captured after months on the run,ug he's shooting down claims that his visit with el chapo led to his arrest effect believes that the government set him up in.e >> believe that they released release this in part because they wanted to see you blamed andnd to put you at risk? >> yes, they wanted to encourage the cartel to put you in their crosshairs?cr >> yes she said he says that the s article failed because the news coverage focused on el chapo's confession and potential legal troubles caused by the interview .ed >> drivers in houston texas buildup 4,909 cents a gallon for a limited time it was part of a promotion for a newly newly opened gas station, they said it was worth it for a few hours
9:03 am
people wholyior does say bassinet prize for quite a while they'd u-turns in the middle of the
9:04 am
cavaliers break their eight game winning streak against the spurs on thursday,y, for the dead is a strongf against houston last night, they kept a close it close in the first quarter, then they have aq 46 -- 35 lead halftime, kevin love on his 18 th double double, and the cavaliers beat the 91 -- 77 . they will play again, monday at the q. for a rematch against the golden state warriors . john telich with your
9:05 am
hue jackson retaining special teams coordinator chris tabor on friday who's been with the team since 2,011 .id return unit was among the best in the leagueet and he is doing a good job because he isis one over new coaches every year with three coaching changes . he was working under coach chud, pat shurmur and my patent. >> if he does not give the titans job he could become cleveland's defensive coordinator for the second time . jackson said that he does not
9:06 am
coordinator . he called a place the place in cincinnati and oakland as the head coach,la he is weighing the options of whether toto call the plays there is a report that he interviewed former colts offensive coordinator pat hamilton for an offense of role here . akron zips at the arena versus university of toledo, . rockets were able to deal, dejohntae williams was scoring there for the zips, toledo was just a bunch and the rockets winning 7864 . return to the sidelines after a leave of absencern and the vikings get this deal and sherman dean
9:07 am
at the other end, the vikings player, kevin roberts junior and the score is 86 -- 58 . ranchers facing amherst, jordan montgomery, scoring and . the rangers with the ball underneath andan north ridgeville, winning over amherst in high school basketball . this wartime, have a great saturday, going to send
9:08 am
check it out with jenn harcher who is outside. >> is a bit chilly, there are a few very light blur flurries . curl in at 32 degrees, not expecting much from this, just just a light coating of dust . the cold front that pushed through that transitioned over to snowfall this morning . upper 20s atup 5:00 p.m., the winds are lanzara out to the west
9:09 am
gusting up to 30 mph . currently for most of us 33 degrees feels more like 23 degrees when you factor in the wind . the next system is in the dakotas . it will be moving in tomorrow afternoon, early eveningm . . but still the other a watch sunday into tuesday morning . when i be surprised if cuyahoga, the rain, but i'm in portions of summit county under an advisory, expecting snowfall
9:10 am
and cold and bundle-up. after 65 years, services are held. >> soldier died in 1951 as a pow in north korea, jack shea explains how he finally made it home. >> us army honor guard pays tribute to private first class david burke of akron, city five years after he died in north korea trade one-day event would come because god can do anything with prayer and i pray that one-day event would be able to see this. >> a graduate of southy high school in akron listed during the korean war, they say that in 1950, he was taken prisoner's by the chinese along the border, three years later pows who
9:11 am
starved two death in a pow camp in 1951. >> not only are we remembering the life and sacrifice that welcome him home. >> his family devastated when theyey learned north korea refused to turn over his remains and that weighed heavily on his mother before she died.r >> after so many years, the family had given up hope that his remains will be returned that a 1990, the north korean government agreed to turn over the skeletal remains of 600 us servicemen, the us military began the process to identify each. >> last week the family notified that they had confirmed his identity through dental records and dna testing to all the years it has taken for them to find closure it is just bittersweet.
9:12 am
his remains home to the family. >> service and sacrifice has been a source of pride in his name lives on.b >> it is overwhelming, when i was born my middle name was after my uncle david, and i never knew what that meantid fully until today, i did not know what an honor it would be to carry that name in the time that i have. >> jack shea fox 8 news . david burke will be laid to rest on monday that the national cemetary in rittman. >> highway patrol recognizing two state troopers who did the right thing in september,. >> bill bethel had a heart attack he went unconscious in
9:13 am
pickering and corey resendez were searching for suspect when they a suspect when they found him,res they began cpr and saved his life, they were honored for their actions even though they did not tell the supervisor what occurred. >> to consider yourself a hero? >> no , it's part of my job. >> are not here for the commission is what to do our job and to make the county and state a better place. >> patrol learned of their life-saving actions becausero bill bethel's follow-up came to
9:14 am
schuyler county man tank jackson and has impressed the judges this week on american idol..on >> he had an audition for american idol since he was 18 and never got a golden ticket until now as brittany harris reports. >> youth his condition since he was 18 years old and has just kept going throughout thes rejection's. >> and he never gave up. >> and it's a good thing because tank jackson of ashtabula is going to hollywood diva are not consistent learned at thursday night. >> jackson, 29 years old, was
9:15 am
show, we caught up to his brother david jackson and his fiance e, they say that they were in shock when they heard that he made >> i've always known what my brothers on a bike and i know he does like to see him in front of the judges it was just really inspiringng. >> has just been incredible, just so excited that he has this opportunity and hopefullye that being on the show, matter what happens, he'll have some opportunities that come from thisis, he has worked so hard he deserves it.k >> he's had a musical background and iscer, and he teaches dance and teaches dance it has its own weight loss program. >> people love it, people love him, he inspires people to lose and
9:16 am
him. >> brittany harris fox 8 news. >> there will be more additions next week so you probably won't see him but you can track his progress on facebook for more information go to fox . let's check in with jenn harcher . >> look forward to watching tv next to the fireplace . somehow the stephen anthony secondary snow belt could possibly see some snowfall on monday and tuesday, but good was not much
9:17 am
. where few light snow showers, some flurries out east, the temperatures are dropping much, it will remain steady and then some upper 20s in the evening then a larger drop after the arctic front . we are at least 5 degrees colder than yesterday with no 40s today, currently 32 degrees and 25 degrees chicagogo and minus one minneapolis, don't expect that cold but it will be in the single digits in the next week
9:18 am
west, and between 10 and 20 sustained, and some lake effect snow fault, lake enhancement, from mentor to fairport harbor, andpo traveling up on 90 could have some slick spots . it was smelly from pepper pike to convert convert the gist of few flurries, that will change . see how this snowbands changing, this afternoon if you hit and get some lake-effect in ashtabula this eveningld for most of us about 1 inchf before the next system arrives on sunday afternoon . everybody will see some snowfall and some lake effect snow fault off this sunday night monday and into
9:19 am
7:00 o'clock as the clipper moves about one coating outside of the snowbelt . in snowbelt between one and 3 inches by 7:00 o'clock tomorrowch . we could possibly get up to 8 inches in the snowbelt, and 5 inches for portions of cuyahoga county, and lorain county . tonight, windchills making a film like 14 degrees tomorrow, low 20s . look at thel next couple days, falling temperatures and lake effect snow fault on monday, with board tuesday and another clipper system wednesday with the
9:20 am
average the end of the weekth. >> kids ask their parents for money all the time , when they see trouble a 6-year-old boy in st. louis asked for some cash his father took a more professional approach, the suns request so for $20 was met with denial from the ceo of dad savings and loan, the picture appeared on line and went viral, in the letter he cites the sense that sufficient funds in the history of not doing chores, the letter says he can appeal to the complaint department, known as his mother, the letter says that apparently i look like i'm made of money . sometimes telling kids to get off of your lawn is not enough, texas couple was suing because kids were too loud , the kids are homeschooled,
9:21 am
their probably in the backyard, that's a problem for the next or couple who say that the kids playing upsets their tranquil quality of life, the family is countersuing over the loud explicithe rat music rent music that they claim is played in retaliation. >> i cannot imagine that the sound of kidsds playing at any stage of my life and thinking that i needed to sue someone. >> the playhouse was approved by the city andnd home owner's association-hoa, the next or couple has declined to comment on the lawsuits . dozens of different dating apps you can use to find your true love . . >> respond that literally tracks
9:22 am
through potential suitors to that measures your heart rate that starts increaseas it makes a lot of that and suggest people with similar features were looks , is available for both
9:23 am
to college students in nashville got a lot of grief from the friends who do not believe them when they said that tipsy. >> until an she told the same store this week on the late late show as chris conti reports. >> at this point of the year most people and turn the turn the page on 2015, to college freshmen from national are fixated on a date in december. >> that is brady morgan, eight
9:24 am
jamir kirshner, at the university of denver. after meeting adele at a london restaurant a few days before >> the figure that was their chance to say hello to her went into there but it turned out that she was rolling in the deep defense of a few glasses of wine . >> along said that we were big fans and tried to get tickets to your show sold out in 10 minutes and she said, i have not heard thatmnd. >> and extend the park on with my kids and kids and find his e-mail address in the pocket of another family from nashville who told mei the show was sold out so i got the e-mail address to give them tickets to nashvilleve. >> it was word for word the same thing that had been telling people.
9:25 am
recalled the encounter during carpool karaoke on the late late show this week.he >> think that she would hear her telling thatat are absolutely not. >> they cannot count how many times they've toldld the story turns out that adele is telling her friends as wellt. >> public, she will get back to us. they got it will be a discount drug mart and independence from noon until 2:00 p.m. you can get thep. calendars and bobbleheads .
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